Method To My Madness

The journey of a man to not be mediocre. Watch me struggle my way through to become a better developer, bug hunter, and businessman.

My entire life I've done things differently and for the entirety of it, the idea that whatever I've done is subpar and can be done way better in a million different ways has always nagged me.

This effect has been further compounded by my entry into the field of Computer Science. After more than half a decade of experience as a college dropout and being fairly successful, I still feel the same way.

So I decided what better way to validate myself and my solutions than by publishing every piece of code or blog I write by sharing it with the rest of the internet. We all know how kind and constructive the internet can be.

This blog will also serve as an archive of everything I learn through the years. My mission is to load it up so I have detailed accounts of how bad I was and how much I have progressed.

Another objective for this blog would be to serve as a point of motivation for someone to look at a bumbling idiot like me and think they can achieve something of importance too. Leave their own dent in the universe.